ARTis comes with a strong Fertility clinical modules that can be customized as per the needs and protocols of the IVF hospital/clinic. Hospital can make changes to the protocols over time based on the research being done in the field. Configuration changes to the Fertility clinical modules can be done by the hospital staff with ease, thereby preventing calls to the IT support team

ARTis fertility-clinical-modules has a detailed case file that covers the patient, partner and donors if exists


  • Patient and Donor Registration
  • Demographic and Profile Capturing
  • Patient EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • Treatment History
ARTis fertility-clinical-modules has provisions to record the medical history of the couple


  • Male Profile
  • Female Profile
  • Patient Historical Reports
  • Document Upload
  • Link to Current Records
ARTis fertility-clinical-modules allows configuration of any number of procedures that are used part of the treatment


  • Procedure Imaging
  • Country Compliant Reporting
  • Surgeon Share Capture
  • Discharge Summary
ARTis fertility clinical modules allows configuration of number of treatments based on predefined templates


  • Checklists and Protocols
  • Reports and Metrics
  • IVF Calendar Monitoring
  • Embryology Worksheets
  • Embryo Detailing
ARTis allows recording entire medical reports and results, and hence it's a comprehensive EMR software


  • Country Compliant Reporting
  • Report Comparison on Date Ranges
  • Imaging
  • Analytics
ARTis allows recording investigations and hence covers entire diagnostic reports


  • Investigation Allocation
  • Medical reporting integration
  • Investigation Packages
  • In-Patient Investigations
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