Fertility treatment software needs to be able to manage all the interactions between the various stakeholders of the hospital. It also should be able to cater to tracking the progress of the treatments and help patients view the progress. This is due to the fact, that IVF treatment cycle involves regular interaction and co-ordination between people such as clinicians, embryologist, nursing staff, admin. manager, front office staff, the pharmacy stock keeper and the IVF patient.

ARTis™ (Assisted Reproductive Technology Information System) – a unique and futuristic web-based Fertility treatment software that addresses the need for clinical, administrative, and patient support services of your IVF centre.

Our solution springs out of a thorough understanding of the IVF process and managing IVF centers. This simple and effective solution is a result of the collaborative effort of proven and highly experienced IT professionals and IVF specialists.

Why ARTis_logo

Following are the factors to be considered while choosing a good Fertility treatment software. ARTis scores well on all these key factors and help you scale up in your operations and grow in line with your plans. ARTis is a fully integrated, comprehensive solution and yet easy to set up and use. It helps in optimization of the hospital resources and decision making. Being a cloud offering, it supports doctors to remotely support multiple centres.

Eight reasons for selecting ARTisIVF as your Fertility treatment software
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ARTis_logo Modules

Modularity is the key to any software product including Fertility treatment software, hence this has been considered as a key design principle in conceptualizing and building ARTis. This modular approach enables IVF hospitals to choose the modules as per their specific needs. ARTis includes both Clinical modules and Administrative modules to help different stakeholders. It’s role based access ensures access is given to the right stakeholder at any point of time, thereby protecting the data privacy and integrity.

ARTis is comprised of number of modules that can be selected by the hospital based on their needs.
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ARTis_logo Advantage

ARTis Fertility treatment software, offers a number of advantages and hence could become a critical success factor for the superior performance and growth of your centre. It covers the entire workflow of IVF treatments, from the time of first appointment of  the patient till the final discharge summary, everything is recorded and reported.  You will see these benefits as soon as you come on-board as it is witnessed by many of our clients.

ARTis has number of advantages that are offered and are better than any other Fertility treatment software
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ARTis_logo User Benefits

ARTis Fertility treatment software is comprehensive and hence took requirements and needs of every stake holder into consideration. It has something for every business user of the IVF clinic or hospital and it facilitates the various interactions among the users and hence makes the workflow very effective and efficient.

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